SUFB 1147: Climate Change Shifting Biodiversity And Affects Fisheries


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Climate Change is a tough topic to cover not just on this podcast, but in any article or documentary. The number of Ocean aspects that are impacted by Climate Change is impossible to cover in one podcast. However, each aspect of Climate Change needs to be discussed and today I am going to be discussing how Climate Change is affecting biodiversity at the Equator.

It's important to note that many habitats and Ocean Species rely on a narrow set of variables such as Temperature, pH, Salinity, Depth, etc. Climate Change is raising temperatures all over the world and now species at the equator are moving towards the North and South poles to seek cooler waters.

A recent study showed how similar events in the past (millions of years ago) led to the last mass extinction, but not all events.

Find out more by listening to this episode.

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