SUFB 1153: Blue Carbon - Seagrass Restoration Project To Add 4 Hectares Of Seagrass Seedlings


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The common practice when discussing the reduction of Climate Change is to mention trees that sequester carbon through photosynthesis. There are additional ways to sequester carbon that often get ignored, which is to look under the ocean's surface.

Seagrass, mangroves, salt marshes, and kelp forests all play an important role in sequestering carbon and do it way more than trees (and faster). These habitats are also known as Blue Carbon.

Countries are using Blue Carbon strategies to help sequester more carbon. The UK is using it to revitalize Plymouth Sound by planting seagrass seedlings that will make up 4 hectares of underwater habitat. The restoration project will include more than just Blue Carbon benefits, it will also include benefits such as nursery habitat and will solidify the sediment.

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