May 9 - LIVE Streaming, Comic Relief and DnD, DMsGuild Plays It Forward and more!


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The best dungeons and dragons podcasts are a click away, with top D&D podcast listings for 2020, including our own: The UnEarthed Arcana podcast, Speaking Common - our D&D weekly news podcast and our upcoming Actual Play podcast, Charisma Check.

Speaking Common – D&D News for Saturday, May 9Weekly D&D news podcast and stream from around the web, including official dungeons and dragons news from Wizards of the Coast, as well as D&D conventions, new adventures and official campaigns, new dungeons and dragons games and online providers like Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds, community news and Dungeon Master Tips!

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In this episode:

A welcome return to my weekly LIVE Dungeons and Dragons stream, plus some great news on the ShambazzleGames website and the future of NEW content! A Live recording of the D&D news weekly podcast, including:

  • Join me every Saturday morning at 11am ET for all the DM chat, D&D campaign prep, map-making and, of course, the live recording of the Speaking Common D&D weekly news
  • Comic Relief and Wizards of the Coast team up with some of the UKs most beloved comics for COVID-19 relief
  • Introducing the DMsGuild Showcase and community D&D stream bi-weekly Wednesday at 7pm ET on Twitch, Mixer, YouTube and Twitter
  • DMsGuild Play It Forward event sends 100% of revenue to content creators, forgoing their 50/50 split
  • D&D Beyond Make Moves towards a virtual tabletop (VTT)
  • I spent $50 on DMsGuild during PlayItForward - I share my experience, what I got and what influenced my buying decisions

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