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Welcome to Dungeon Masterful on the Speaking Common Podcast

We sit down with some of the brightest established and up-and-coming Dungeons and Dragons creators from around the world. On Dungeon Masterful, we get down and interview world-builders and dungeon masters, podcasters, streamers and writers. Basically, anyone who is interested in being a dungeon master or game master, DMsGuild contributor or if you just want insight on DMing, DM Tips or what drives your favourite creators, you're in good hands.

My guest this week is mom, gamer, OG Dungeons and Dragons player and champion of D&D creators the world-over, Nikki Ewart of Nerdy Chicken. We chatted about our love of the game, the challenges growing up as a girl playing dungeons and dragons in a time where the hobby was heavily demonized and how D&D helped shape her life and support her battle with anxiety, ADHD and building long-lasting friendships.

As the co-owner and founder of, Nikki aims to provide a vendor-friendly space where nerd culture creators can share their creative passion with the world!

These are some of the cosplay images that Nikki mentioned in our interview:

NerdyChicken features creators from all around the world.

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