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Charisma Check – Dungeons and Dragons (D&D 5e) PodcastA Speaking Common Actual Play DnD Audio Drama

Charisma Check is a Dungeons and Dragons 5e actual play podcast that follows six improv theatre friends trying our best to deliver a truly narrative-driven D&D podcast experience. With a focus on dramatic collaborative storytelling, the Charisma Check Podcast takes place in the Forgotten Realms setting of Faerun that, while story-oriented, is fun, big-hearted and explores the dynamics of adventure, companionship, death-defying odds and sacrifice.

Our actual play D&D podcast is the culmination of our love for this game and the best stories that are often the result – it is also 100% ad-free. We don’t make money on the podcast, we get paid when you decide to join us for the adventure. Please help us spread the word on your social media of choice. A 5-star review on iTunes is probably the best way to give us props!

Season 1, Episode 5 – Good Morning, Littleknight

As the Search for Faerun’s Brightest star launched into full swing, the celebrity panel of judges, including the frigid, notorious Simeon Caldwell we’re blown away by Chyna’s performance and original single. A victory that was short-lived.

An elaborate trap, presumably sprung by the underworld denizens that had previously tracked and attempted to abduct our young bard, wracked the surface world. Promptly ending the jovial festival as the earth itself opened to swallow whole the field where families, merchants, civilians and, of course, our adventurers collected.

The cataclysm at the Talespinner’s Jamboree has left the world above devastated, while our companions number amongst the few survivors below. As the Hand of the Heart desperately tried to secure and count those still living, Chyna was nowhere to be found.

Meet the Charisma Check Cast:

Dungeon Master, writer and creator - ShambazzleGames

Tamasin – Human Light Cleric of Selune | Ranquess – Half-elf Wild Magic Sorcerer, Shade Loyalist | Chyna Bigly – Gnome Bard of Lore, Debutante and Ingénue | Fa’en – Elf Monk, Way of the Shadow and Protector of the Meek | Merkesh – Half-elf Fighter/Rogue, Vengeful Assassin

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