Minimum Viable Reliability


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Minimum Viable Reliability


Carl and Fred discussing whether there is such a concept as “minimum viable reliability”?

Key Points

Join Carl and Fred as they discuss what is the minimum acceptable reliability for a product.

Topics include:

  • Minimum viable reliability is defined by customers using the product
  • When a customer experiences a failure, their reliability is very low
  • Reliability can be viewed from the viewpoint of the customer
  • What is the definition of failure?
  • What is the biggest expense of reliability failure?
  • Setting good reliability requirements answers the question of acceptable reliability
  • Re-frame the question: What are the reliability requirements that meet the objectives of the company? Are they agreed to by management?
  • Products should not be “just reliable enough”?
  • How to answer management question about are we reliable enough to proceed?
  • Data driven answer to “how reliable are we”?
  • Taking a stand when safety is a problem
  • Importance of having a good reliability plan? This can help answer if you are OK to proceed.
  • Being good at anticipating what your customers will define as failures
  • Include assumptions and limitations when answering questions about predicted reliability

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