JoAnn Reilly Yoder Is An Explorer, Wanderer And Adventurer Of The World


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JoAnn Reilly Yoder is happiest when traveling the world and fearless when doing so. Bungee jumping, skydiving or paragliding off one of the highest peaks in Queenstown is what she loves to do. JoAnn was born and raised in the Republic of Panama and accustomed to living outside the United States. Traveling continues to teach her to love and accept people for who they, no matter where she is, with no judgement and she always wants to leave people and places better than she found them.
JoAnn realizes it might be through a simple conversation that gives someone hope or teaches them something new. "I can meet anyone on this planet, on any corner of the earth, and ask them 10-15 questions and we will have something in common."
Also on Speaking of Travel is J Chong, she/her, Chef at J Chong Eats. J is participating in this year’s Chow Chow Culinary Event in Asheville and believes there is so much love and happiness to offer if we can just be seen and heard and how food is the easiest way to accomplish this goal. Find out why J came to the U.S. from Canada, how the path has taken her on a culinary journey, and why Cantonese food plays a big part of who she is.

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