La Carmina Shares A Unique Focus On Gothic Destinations And Culture


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La Carmina has a passion to shine a positive spotlight on misunderstood and marginalized subcultures worldwide. She began her La Carmina travel & fashion blog in 2007 as a creative outlet during her studies at Yale Law. Since then, she’s published three books, hosted travel TV shows for major networks and explored over 70 countries for fashion and tourism projects.
La Carmina shares stories about her unique focus on Gothic destinations and culture, including death rituals, which she writes about in positive and meaningful ways. Her intrigue of ancient civilizations and mysteries and the alternative subcultures in Japan, particularly the Goth nightlife, Harajuku fashion, extreme body modifications, and quirky pop culture have led La Carmina on a magical path.
"I was someone who always gravitated to more alternative things, whether it was gothic music or dark fashion. I always felt like I was someone who walked a different path and was a bit outside the norm and connected with people who shared those interests."
La Carmina's life has transformed through her experiences of the world. Find out what has been most life-changing and magical for her as she travels on her path.

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