The Speaking of Travel + Leave No Trace Series with Richard Crawford


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I'm excited to announce the new Speaking of Travel + Leave No Trace series with the host of the Amazon Prime series, Richard Crawford. Each month Ricky and I will bring guests to Speaking of Travel to highlight the importance of conservation, sustainable travel and eco-tourism.
On this premier episode, Ricky reveals how he discovered a passion for the health of our planet and modern social issues. He shares his vast experiences traveling the world and explores solutions to inspire our actions through environmental stewardship.
Also on Speaking of Travel, Kaye Bentley, founder of Asheville Rooftop Bar Tours, tells us how she prepared to reopen during this unusual time and created an experience where visitors would feel safe.
And join Tina Kinsey from the Asheville Regional Airport for some helpful tips that will help you get through the airport without raising your blood pressure, allow you to have a pleasant experience in the air and arrive ready to hit the ground at your destination.

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