Love After Lockup: Third Times the Charm?


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Doug and Dougie are reunited and it didn't go as smoothly as Doug had hoped.

Baloney continues to steal the show and Courtney's pickles will never be a big dill. (Sorry I had to)

Nicolle is out here really playing Daonte and he's hook line and sinker. Lap dancing with no touching and apparently sleepovers aren't happening.

Josh tries to right his wrongs with Mama Rose and we hate to see the emotions. Don't let us like these people!

Anissa and Jeff finally meet after two failed attempts and $60K in drugs. Kyle has questions on the way to the halfway house and Jeff is not here for it, Bub!

Nutbag Stan is hiding something behind those wigs. Lisa tries to be an actual mom to her son, and Stan can't handle it.

Efrain pinpoints why Stan has certain expectations of Lisa.

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