Spiral Dynamics & Evolution of Consciousness


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Christopher Eaker and Maggie Schlosser are spiritual directors that like talking about spiritual things. Spiritual direction is a listening ministry that creates a sacred space for you to listen to God, see where God is at work in your life, and grow in awareness of who you were created to be.

In this episode, we talk about spiral dynamics. What is it? How does it help frame spirituality and evolution of consciousness? We discuss the stages of the spiral, their characteristics, and how we see this playing out in the world.

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Our ministries:

Chris: Steppingstoneslife.com

Maggie: Ravachministries.org

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Integral Consciousness by Steve McIntosh

Integral Christianity by Paul Smith

Presence website and podcast

More about Dr. Clare Graves here: https://www.clarewgraves.com/

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