SSS - Episode 46: Spelunky (Game Club)


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Take a seat on the virtual couch and chat with the Synics all about the 2008 Indie Rogue-lite platformer Spelunky (which kicked their collective asses). A quarantine fueled whatcha playin' is massive this episode, along with troubling news that Gearbox employees are allegedly getting shorted on their bonuses from Borderlands 3. Also the WHO is now saying that video games are a good way to stay social in this quarantined world...but wait, didn't they also say that gaming can be an addiction? Talked about mixed messages (edit - we know that gaming becomes a mental health issue for the WHO when you start letting your life suffer because of it; please don't @ us. OR you can @ us just so we can get some interaction)
What are your thoughts on spelunky?

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