Binx, Pop Artist


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Binx is a pop artist originally from South Africa. She grew up in small towns without a lot of venues for entertainment, so people became the entertainment, and Binx found out early on that she loved being in the spotlight. She loved performing for friends and family, and after seeing Britney Spears on television, Binx suddenly knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life. With the love and support of her family, Binx grinded away at pursuing her dreams of being a famous pop star and was eventually able to make her way to New York City. She was dubbed "The African Bee" because of her South African roots and the elaborate bee costumes she wears during performances. Binx was gaining a lot of traction in New York City, but when L.A. began offering opportunities, she would have to decide whether to leave everything she’d built in New York to start all over on the West Coast. Making things harder yet, Binx experienced an unexpected tragedy that made her question whether she would continue with music at all.

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