Goldie Chan, Storyteller


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Goldie Chan is a storyteller, strategist, and writer. She grew up in Oakland among several diverse communities, which informs the types of stories she aims to share now. Having always been a creative, Goldie marches to the beat of her own drum—and much the success she has now comes from the fact that she makes her own rules. For instance, her life was forever changed when she started publishing videos online; not on YouTube, like you would think, but on LinkedIn. Now, Goldie is known as “the Oprah of LinkedIn," she writes a column on storytelling and personal branding for Forbes, and she’s founded Warm Robots, a social media strategy agency. However, it hasn’t always been an easy road for Goldie, nor has it been clear road. In fact, she first came to Los Angeles to be an actress. Now, with eyes of the digital world on her, Goldie is using her platform to not just tell her story, but to build and strengthen communities, and help share the stories of others.

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