Super Bowl LV insights from the NFL’s Official On-Field Player-Tracking Provider with John Pollard, Zebra Sports


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John Pollard is the Vice President, Business Development at Zebra Sports, a division of Zebra Technologies, the “Official On-Field Player-Tracking Provider for the NFL”. John leads the company’s team engagement efforts with the NFL, NCAA, as well as other sports around the world. In addition to his management responsibilities, John continues to work directly with the league and team personnel. This includes coaching and analytics staff around the NFL and college football to help organizations use statistical, analytical, and player-tracking/performance data and technologies to work more efficiently and support informed decision-making.

John has held various product marketing, management and business development roles and provided consulting services in the consumer goods, technology, and sports industries working with some of the most identifiable corporations and influential brands in the world including Ray-Ban, Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Oracle Corporation, Microsoft, the NBA, and the NFL. As an industry consultant, John continued to enjoy working closely with team and media clients, including NFL and NCAA coaching staffs and personnel departments, and on-air talent helping them derive insights and knowledge from their various information sources and analytical studies to aid in game planning and strategy, self-scouting, player evaluation and roster valuation.

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