DIY Sportsman - Tracking Mature Bucks with Todd Havel Pt. 2


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In this episode, Todd talks about some of the experiences he's had starting up bowhunting again more recently. Much of the knowledge he's gained over the years tracking fed right into his archery strategy, and he was able to tag a nice buck. It wasn't without its own set of challenges however. Notably, Todd talked about how hunting pressure from guys who had a similar hunting style caused some challenges he wasn't used to from rifle hunting.

We discuss the relative ease of patterning specific bucks in the big woods. Todd feels that there is a common misconception of those deer being nomadic, but he finds that the commonly repeat the exact same things year after year, without minor disturbances like crop rotation present to alter patterns. We talk boots on the ground and trail camera strategies to learn those patterns and take advantage of them.

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