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Join Dr, Holmes as she discussed autism acceptance and breaking stigmas about autism with podcaster, Sam Mitchell. Sam's mother Gina joins the discussion and provides insight into their autism journey sharing insight about the importance of moving beyond autism awareness to autism acceptance.
Sam runs his own podcast/ business called, Autism Rocks and Rolls. It has grown over the last year and has become very, very successful. He now has over 4K downloads. He has had some big names on his show: Armani Williams, the first NASCAR driver open about having autism, and Simon Majumbar, chef and judge on Cutthroat Kitchen who plays for autism charities. He has also had American Idol Rocker James Durbin who has autism and Tourette’s and his upcoming AGT 4th runner-up in 2017, Mandy Harvey. His biggest guest of all was Dr. Temple Grandin, professor in Animal Science at Colorado State University and autism activist. Sam also made it into the Top 10 of the People's Choice Podcast Awards. He has also had lots of news coverage about his adventure. Sam is a regular on lots of podcasts regarding positivity, mental health, and other subject matters. Lastly, Sam has launched his own merchandise line, selling t-shirts, autism awareness bracelets, masks, and car decals.
Sam has created, hosts, and runs his own podcast, Autism Rocks and Rolls. His official website is
You can follow his story on Sam's Stories on Facebook, Facebook, TIK TOK, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.
Sam has a mission: To take the stigma off of autism and show people that he is not broken, therefore, embracing autism. Sam is not ashamed and wants to be the voice of those with autism or other disabilities. His podcast is helping him change the world just a little bit at a time.
Sam has become a natural entrepreneur. He is offering the following services:
He is looking to get his podcast out there in magazines and publications to help families or promote it in other ways, shown interest in doing autism consulting, is creating merchandise with his podcast, offering ad space on his podcast, guest blogging, exploring public speaking, encouraging teachers to use his podcast for curriculum in their classrooms, looking into doing one on one coaching with beginner podcasters, and is always looking for guests for his podcast or always willing to be a guest.

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