See me Spell: Hear MY Voice!


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Join Dr. Holmes as she interviews the Seback family. David and Nadine will share their journey with their son to find his voice through letterboard. Then Noah was interviewed and his answers were spelled out communicating what he wants listeners to understand about the power of communication and the differences between non-speaking and non-verbal. You don't want to miss this! If you see him spell, you can finally hear his voice! I have seen him spell and each time I interview Noah I am always excited about what Noah has to say to educate us all to open our minds to hear what we may be missing as professionals and educators and parents.
Noah Seback is a nonspeaking autistic who had gained the ability to communicate effectively through spelling on a letterboard or keyboard with the support of a communication regulation partner. He is a rising self-advocate who is passionate about promoting communication r flights for fellow autistics who don't speak, speak minimally, or speak unreliably. His lived experience of 16 years as a non-speaker without a voice has provided him with the ultimate training and expertise. Noah was interviewed in Autism Parent Magazine Noah's Voice: Non-speaking Man Advocates for Big Changes which had over 2000 shares. He recently wrote an article in the new magazine Exceptional Needs Today, Issue 2: "Let Nonspeakers 'speak' into their own lives".
You will also want to check out his presentation with SpellX powered by I-ASC at
For more information, you can go to Noah's website:

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