Sprinklez Episode 38: Motherland: Fort Salem (FREEFORM, HULU, ROKU); Tasty-Treat-Sensation: Cheetos (Frito-Lay)


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Howdy Sprinklerz!

Today I am recommending a new and incredible show that is full of female power, terrific backstories/mythology and fantastic actresses! It's Motherland: Fort Salem. (Not to be confused with another show called, Salem) it is on Freeform, Hulu and Roku. It is for adults only due to brief but intense violence, and strong sexual themes.

I have put together an omaĝe to 80's Soap Operas (Loved me some Santa Barbara!) which I hope you enjoy!

And finally our Tasty-Treat-Sensation is the classically delicious Frito-Lay, Cheetos! (Need I say more?)

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