Sprinklez Episode 41: RuPaul Drag Race Canada (WOW PRESENTS PLUS); Alyssa's Secret & Alaska's These Are My Giftsss (WOW PRESENTS PLUS, YOUTUBE); Frisch's Beer Cheese-Cheeseburger


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Hey Gang! Welcome to another episode full of fun streaming recommendations!

Warning: Today's show recommendations are for ADULTS ONLY!!! The material within the shows I recommend today is not suitable for children.

First off, WOW PRESENTS PLUS is a new streaming app that is everything Drag Queens! Some of my faves are RuPaul's Drag Race set in various countries including Canada, the United Kingdom, Thailand, and the soon to be released Holland version. (WOW PRESENTS PLUS is AVAILABLE on Amazon FireTV, Roku, AppleTV and Apple devices, and Android TV and devices.)

It also includes Alyssa's Secret and Alaska's These Are My Giftsss. Both of which can also be watched on YouTube.com:



Today's Tasty-Treat-Sensation is Frisch's Beer Cheese-Cheeseburger! It's on a pretzel bun and has onion rings on it!!!! Need I say more???

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