Sprinklez: Episode 29: Bob's Burgers (FOX, HULU); Will & Grace (NBC, HULU); Modern Family (ABC, Hulu); Planters Cheez Balls


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Howdy Gang! Welcome to the 29th episode of Sprinklez! Today's episode is here for you after you finish binging your latest favorite show and you feel that dull pang of depression that comes when you don't have a fabulous new show in the wings. I'm here to recommend three Go-To-shows that are there waiting to pick up the pieces of what's left of your streaming tv life (until the next binge worthy show comes along). First off is the hilarious irreverently and endearingly-sweet and funny FOX's BOB'S BURGERS (FOX, HULU). Then the show that is just as funny as it was in the 1900's, NBC's WILL & GRACE (NBC, HULU) and the long running classic MODERN FAMILY (ABC, Cable syndication, HULU). And Finally and retro and just re-released Tasty-Treat-Sensation: PLANTERS CHEEZ BALLS will have you asking why they were ever discontinued in the first place!

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