Roger Federer, John McEnroe, & the Laver Cup


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Tennis champion Roger Federer, his agent Tony Godsick, and tennis legend John McEnroe kick off the Laver Cup tournament with the “Squawk Box” team. Federer and Godsick discuss co-founding the tournament, this weekend’s lineup, and the return of live sporting events. John McEnroe reunites with Joe Kernen and Joe Kernen’s hair, and weighs in on the wealth tax debate on Capitol Hill: “I pay more taxes than Jeff Bezos.” The head of the CDC overruled an advisory panel today, approving the distribution of Pfizer’s Covid boosters to a wide array of workers across the U.S. Former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb discusses vaccine confusion and says the FDA and CDC should be more aligned in their approach. Costco is bringing back purchase limits on household essentials such as toilet paper, bottled water and cleaning supplies due to supply chain challenges. Plus, bitcoin and ethereum are falling after the People’s Bank of China outlawed all crypto-related activities.

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