[Episode 192] Season 7, Episode 13 of Fear The Walking Dead, "The Raft"


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As things feel hopeless for our survivors, so too have the hosts of your favorite #TWDU #podcast have been feeling (despite a great episode with incremental gains). We vent some personal frustrations/concerns, while maintaining our usual value-based analysis. #AliciaClark & #MorganJones push on, like us, doing things their characters wouldn't normally do, but it's the right thing for the right reason. Like us, Dwight & Sherry surge forward, finding reasons to press on.

We had an incredible pre-show, telling personal stories and great conversation. We edited out some pretty spicy stuff in between and in the post-show banter. If you want the ability to join us during our closed recording sessions, as well as the ability to stream the unedited episode recordings (whether you are able to make the recording session or not) early, before everyone else, support your favorite podcast by heading here: https://ko-fi.com/post/EARLY-ACCESS-to-Episode-192-FearTWD-7x13-The-D1D6CPDA5

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