Let's Get Un-Trashy (with Tara McKenna of Zero Waste Collective)


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How's the clutter around your house? Too many Amazon boxes laying around to count? Good news, we are sharing ways to help both the environment, your ability to focus, and your wallet today. Tara McKenna joins us to share her journey to living a largely zero-waste lifestyle. It wasn't always easy, but she found some surprising results, and you could too with just a few simple changes to your lifestyle. She shares tips to be more aware of the trash you create and ways to reduce the unnecessary "stuff" you have laying around. Consuming less leads to less spending, and she shares easy ways you can get started on the journey toward your own zero-waste lifestyle.

During our headline segment, we're diving into the reasons behind Peloton's recent stock price drop. Is the Peloton era coming to an end? We'll share our take and recent news Peloton announced about their products. We'll also answer VJ's question about the 4% rule. How do taxes impact this? And of course, we'll leave time for Doug to share some nearly misguided trivia.


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