Our Favorite Budget and Money Hacks (with Chris Hutchins)


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Ever wish that saving money and spending less were easier? Today we've got your back because Chris Hutchins, Mr. Hack himself and host of the All The Hacks podcast, joins us to discuss a delicious list pulled from the popular Inspired Budget blog that lists a whopping 30 money hacks you should try in 2021. What hacks do you love that are missing from this list? On today's show recorded live on the new Fireside app, we're joined not only by Chris Hutchins but also Paula Pant (Afford Anything podcast) and Len Penzo (Len Penzo dot com) as they dive into their favorites (and also skewer one or two that they aren't as fond of). At the end of the discussion we'll ditch the list and this crack team will even add a few of their own.

Before we're done we'll also magnify Tom's money, who asks what we think about popular trading app Robinhood. You know us...this is going to be good! And of course we can't forget about Doug's trivia! He has a heart-wrenching question today. Literally.


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