Your 14 Best Minutes Today (with Chris Field), Inflation's Back, and RIP Chuck


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14 minutes. Today we talk to Chris Field about changing the world using only 1% of your time (14 minutes a day). Chris will share why "charity begins at home" is a misguided approach to life...not for the world around you, but for your own return on investment. The work he's done has made an impact on the world and he shares how you can make a difference too (and it's much easier than you may think!)

We also share some bad news during our headline segment. The new inflation numbers are in and they're ugly with a capital "ugh." What does this mean though, really, for you? It turns out...a lot. We'll walk through inflation with regard to your job, your savings, your spending, and more. We'll also share why experts say that inflation isn't as ugly as the numbers may suggest.

Speaking of ugly...we'll also share a TikTok video that's gone viral recently about a job interview...or at least the "promise" of one. Somebody named Chuck might be cleaning out his desk now that this video's out. And, there's no better way to round out the show than by talking about franchise businesses during our Haven Life line call. Doug's trivia? Well that's just the cherry on top, isn't it?


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