Ashvin Chheda - Immigrants + Finance (Pt. One)


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Ashvin Chheda, President & Managing Director at Opes One Advisors, was born in Ibadan, Nigeria. Moving to the UK, Ashvin earned a Bachelors of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Tech, and subsequently moved to the US to complete a Master’s of Science at the University of Michigan. While employed at a large telecom company in the 90’s, Ashvin was exposed to a set of elegant and innovative financial strategies. He earned the appropriate licenses and has achieved a great deal in the past decade as a financial professional and mentor. He has 48 patents granted for sophisticated solutions to various engineering problems and has redirected and harnessed this level of energy and innovation for his financial planning practice. He has won numerous Centurian club awards. Tune in to hear: - What impact from coronavirus is Ashvin seeing on his clients? - Which workforce sectors are getting hardest hit, so far, by Covid-19? - Potential approaches financial professionals can take when there are unprecedented levels of uncertainty - What the concept of “bucketing” means within a financial plan and how this can encourage positive investment behavior - How to counsel a client set on sending money home to family abroad without having their own stable financial house - While every person’s financial situation is unique, how in general do the financial concerns of a first generation American differ from say, a fourth generation American? - What are some unique financial planning considerations for clients on a work visa? Follow up with Ashvin:

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