Dr. Kurt Nelson - Finding Your Behavioral Groove


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Tune in to hear:

- Has Kurt ever noticed a problem that isn’t ostensibly behavioral in nature that ended up being behavioral?

- How can we craft a cohesive work culture without contributing to problems like group think?

- From a leadership perspective, how can we open ourselves up to new ideas and not fall prey to confirmation bias? Also, if we are the person that’s going to question the status quo of an organization - how can we do that in a way that it’s likely to get picked up?

- What is a when-then rule and how can it help us make better decisions?

- What is one thing that Kurt has learned from a guest on his podcast, Behavioral Grooves, that surprised him or that he has since applied in his own life?

- What is something he has changed his mind about since he began hosting the podcast?

- What are one or two behavioral changes the average person could make to improve their life?



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