Dr. Rick Bookstaber - The Psychology of Risk


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Tune in to hear:

- How does Dr. Bookstaber think about and define risk in the most practical terms possible?

- Does the way people like us talk about risk differ in an overly academic way from how people in the street think about it?

- Which of the sort of commonly discussed current risks seem legitimate to Dr. Bookstaber and which might loom larger in peoples’ minds than they should?

- Why aren’t geopolitical conflicts more catastrophic to the market than they are with how intertwined the global economy is?

- How should we think about a world where you have to take risks to keep up with inflation but where asset prices seem stretched by some measures?

- Do we now live in a world that’s high-risk in theory but where governments and regulatory bodies keep the scales from tipping too far in a catastrophic direction? Were the FEDs actions during Covid-19 a singular response for a singular time in history?

- How can we be skilled risk managers when we have an asymmetry in the way we weight pessimistic vs. optimistic outcomes?



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