Ivan Watanabe - Immigrants + Finance (Pt. Two)


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Iván is a graduate of the College of the Holy Cross with a bachelor’s degree in political science and Spanish literature and brings a unique blend of analytical and holistic thinking to each of his clients. Iván’s expertise is in asset protection, wealth accumulation and wealth distribution strategies. His vast knowledge and rich experience in the finance industry earned him one of the most prestigious industry awards, the President’s Council Award in 2018. The son of a Venezuelan mother and a Japanese father, Iván enjoys working with families of diverse backgrounds; he is particularly sensitive to and appreciative of the nuances that come with various cultures in the context of planning for the future. His contributions to the Latino business community have been recognized on a national stage, and he was voted one of El Mundo Magazine’s Latino 30 Under 30 in 2016*. Iván is also a former board member of the New York chapter of the Association of Latino Professionals For America (ALPFA), and he remains an active corporate liaison to help advance the success of Latino professionals. He and his wife are residents of Westchester. He spends his free time playing basketball, golf, and cheering for his favorite sports teams, the Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox, and Miami Dolphins. Tune in to hear: - How do various cultures differ on their views of wealth and propensity to openly discuss financial matters? - What are some of the unique financial concerns and strengths faced by immigrant families? - Financial preparation takeaways from coronavirus and other disruptive, unexpected events. - For many first generation families, owning property is a sign of financial success and a big priority - what is the genesis of this belief, and how does one counsel their clients to take a more diversified approach? - What practices could American money culture adopt from immigrant cultures to strengthen our approach to investment and savings? Web - www.opus-pc.com LinkedIn -https://www.linkedin.com/in/iv%C3%A1n-watanabe-2185a49/

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