Jess Von Bank - The World of Work in the Age of Covid


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Jess Von Bank (also known as JVB) is the head of marketing at Leapgen and the founder of the global world of work community Now of Work. JVB is proficient with, and passionate about, HR tech and connecting talent to opportunity. She lives in Minneapolis, MN with her three daughters and enjoys obstacle races and dark chocolate. Tune in to hear: - What are potential long-term changes to the world of work as a result of the massive spike in unemployment? - How freelance and contract work can be mutually beneficial for organizations and individuals, allowing them to stay nimble, in a volatile economy - How we can rethink the compensation of contract workers to make it more personal, give them more financial security and to maintain a competitive edge with traditional employment opportunities - What’s a concrete example of a company that has implemented a thoughtful, more personalized approach to compensation and benefits for their contract workers? - What are potential forms of compensation that focus on humanistic, wellness-oriented concerns over fiscal concerns? - Some practical tips for those looking for employment in a time when so many people are unemployed - Why employers need to look at character and capabilities over hard, measurable experience when hiring new talent - Ways those who have stayed employed can act as a bridge and advocate for friends and loved ones looking for work - Some of the pros and cons of the work from home reality we are living in Web: Twitter: @jessvonbank

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