Kyle Van Pelt - The Future Of Fintech


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Kyle specializes in connecting the dots between the future of technology and finance, building strategic relationships and connecting people. He’s currently working with SS & C Advent and is focused on shaping the Black Diamond Wealth Platform for large financial service firms. Kyle lives in Georgia with his wife and 4 children and he’s passionate about golf, craft coffee, southern cooking, the ATL falcons and charitable works. Tune in to hear: - What we can learn from financial failures - Why a fintech revolution/upheaval likely won’t replace the role of financial professionals - Why a “one click” approach modeled on tech giants like Amazon, Netflix and Uber may not be suitable for behavior-based financial technologies - How financial professionals could become even more crucial l in a world where trades happen with increased ease and convenience - How to start a conversation around charitable giving with your clients - Why you shouldn’t be afraid to humble brag Twitter: KyleVanPelt

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