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Maxine Gray is the Business Strategy Development and Implementation Manager at Investec Wealth, South Africa. She is an ambassador for the United Nations Global Compact of young SDG innovators. Maxine has also been a board member of imagine.nation (NPO) since 2015, and she is the founder of Winter Warmer drive (2010-2020), helping over 20,000 people keep warm during winter. Tune in to hear: - What are the UN’s sustainable development goals and how do they relate to investing and business? - How did the UN settle on goals which were unanimously approved by all member nations? - There are, of course, ethical and personal reasons to run a company that is generous and environmentally sustainable, but are there financially-motivated reasons as well? - What are the differences between shareholder capitalism and stakeholder capitalism and how might these approaches coexist? - Why environmental concerns are finally being considered legitimate risks to business - How the “sdgs” are interconnected and why focusing on one will improve others LinkedIn:

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