Phil Pearlman - The Cognitive Theory of Noise


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Phil Pearlman is the Chief Community Officer at Stocktwits, the world’s largest community of investors and traders. Phil previously worked as the Director of Marketing at Bank OZK and as the Interactive Editor at Yahoo Finance. On his blog Eight Fat Swine, Phil looks at questions about behavior and irrationality and seeks out solutions that foster lasting, and adaptive, change. Phil is interested in the psychology of investor behavior, UI and the development of online communities. He has a doctorate in clinical psychology from Argosy University. Phil lives with his wife and two boys in Montebello, New York. Tune in to hear: - What different perspectives do clinical and social psychologists lend to understanding the market? - What parallels and contrasts can be made between irrationality in the marketplace and clinical mental illness? - Is a comprehensive theory of investor behavior a possibility? - Can we hope for predictive power from a behavioral finance theory of behavior? Twitter -

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