SIM Ep 504 Pod 155: Myths, panic, secrets, and lies


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What have the Greek myths ever done for us? Loads, it turns out, as writer, broadcaster, classicist and comedian Natalie Haynes explains to Mickey in this week’s podzine. They chat about how the Classics still resonate, why they’re for everyone, and how the women in Greek myth have been given short shrift by (relatively) modern interpreters. What a surprise, eh?

We can all agree that panic attacks are fucking horrible, but they’re still quite often dismissed or lumped in with other mental health issues. Jen chats to mental health advocate Claire Eastham, who has had 371 panic attacks and so is perfectly placed to discuss why they happen and how to deal with them; something she also covers in her new book F**K I THINK I'M DYING.

The answer to the weekly question Rated or Dated is plain as day, schweedhaaart, as the team watch Mike Leigh’s Secrets & Lies and take turns doing Brenda Blethyn impressions. Plus, there’s football chat and Alex Scott celebrations in Jenny Off The Blocks, and an exciting experiment, a Matlock car-park, and a need for women in the Bush Telegraph.

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