Quantamental Investing Lessons with Jason Hsu


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One year ago today, Bitcoin traded for around $5,200...

Today, it's hovering around $58,000...

When one of your investments has grown to a massive winner, what's the next step?

It's a tough question that every investor needs to face on their own. But on this week's rant Dan looks back to the story of Robert Kirby and the coffee can portfolio, which suggests sometimes the best thing to do... is nothing at all.

Then on this week's interview, Dan invites Jason Hsu onto the show. Jason is Chairman and CIO of Rayliant, an asset manager who focuses on generating alpha from investing in China and other inefficient emerging markets.

Some asset managers tend to lean towards a quantitative approach... Some use a fundamental approach...

Jason shares how Rayliant has blended the two into one in order to take advantage of the massive opportunity in China and other emerging markets.

During their discussion, Dan and Jason discuss the massive opportunity in China today... how the Chinese government's hands-on approach differs from the U.S. government's way of doing things... and how his firm is making it easier than ever for investors to gain exposure to emerging markets around the globe that are often overlooked.

Then on the mailbag, Dan answers your questions, comments and politely-worded criticisms. But this week, there's only one big question that Dan wants to focus on... It's one that many investors – retail and institutional alike – have been wondering.

Is it better to buy Bitcoin outright or are Bitcoin ETFs, like GBTC, a suitable way to gain exposure?

Listen to Dan's take on this popular question and more on this week's episode.

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