The Quant Approach to Innovative Investing


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Is gold just another "greater fool" investment?

Warren Buffett seems to think so. Or at least, he's said as much in his 2011 letter to investors, when he compared gold to the tulip bulb mania.

On this week's rant, Dan examines this point of view and explains what Buffett doesn't seem to grasp when it comes to gold...

Then on this week's interview, Dan invites Gregg Fisher onto the show. Gregg is the founder and portfolio manager of Quent Capital, an asset management firm focused on systematically investing in global innovation.

Many guests on the show fell in love with finance and investing later in life... but that's not the case with Gregg. Gregg was born into the investment business and well on his way by the time he was a teenager. By the time he left college, Gregg helped pioneer some of the quant trading strategies that are so common in the industry today.

During their discussion, Gregg explains why so many small innovative companies are often overlooked. But he stresses that if you're willing to do a little extra leg work, many innovative small caps present a massive opportunity.

By the time the interview is over, Dan is left questioning if he has enough money in small cap stocks.

Then on the mailbag, Dan fields several questions from listeners about gold, including one listener who gives a fantastic real-world demonstration of gold's long term value. Another listener writes in and shares a story of remorse for selling his Bitcoin a little too soon. Dan gives him some words of wisdom and reassures him that "we've all been there."

Listen to Dan's response to these questions and more on this week's episode.

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