Zombie Companies, The Amazon Effect, and ETFs


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Is Bitcoin going to continue to climb, or has it already reached its peak? Dan reflects on the reflexivity of some of these gangbuster stocks. He also shares his must-read pick for financial history books, and not just for great topics of conversation at parties. Then, Scott Helfstein, executive director of Thematic Investing at ProShares, joins Dan to talk about the ever-evolving trends of ETFs. While Thematic Investing seems to have become a new buzz word, Scott argues that the term originated inside ETF trading and Thematic is just the next evolution. Scott also breaks down key sectors that he thinks were transformed by the pandemic in 2020. And finally, on the mailbag this week, Dan answers additional questions about Bitcoin and confronts a staggering accusation of not being humble. Listen to their conversation and much more on this week’s episode.

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