Orel Hershiser on the 2020 Dodgers, the 1988 Dodgers and much more


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Orel Hershiser guided the 1988 Dodgers to a World Series title and watched as a club broadcaster as they did it again 32 years later. Who better to visit Starkville this week:

6:45 - Orel remembers 1988 and one of the greatest seasons a pitcher has ever had

18:40 - Why the Rays should have ignored the analytics with Blake Snell

31:10 - Justin Turner's decision to leave quarantine to celebrate on the field after testing positive for COVID-19

33:03 - What does this mean for Clayton Kershaw's legacy

37:45 - What Mookie Betts meant to this team

42:00 - Sport and baseball as a conduit for change in America

50:30 - The future of the Dodgers

53:00 - 1988 Dodgers trivia

After the interview, Jayson and Doug take a shot at listener trivia and look back at the World Series' Strange but True moments.

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