#025 Make Social Media About You & Revolve Around You


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Guest: Luz Donahue - Social MediaHost: Kristy Oustalet

A.C.E. Episode #025 Show Notes: http://kristyoustalet.com/25

So, you’re posting on social and trying to get a following… so you start poking around the web to find other small business owners who are ‘knocking it out the park’.

You take notes + adjust their posting formula to fit your topic + post your heart out.

You wait… Then, you hear nothing but sounds of their ‘Like’ notifications ringing in your head like a winning slot machine. For you, crickets. Nada.

What the?

How come what works for them doesn’t work for me? Well, you’re not ‘them’ + your peeps want you- not an imitation of them.

Now what?

My guest this week is Luz Donahue, a Self Promotion Liberator and she’s here to de-stress the process of marketing and have it reflect you + who you are. Because as we know, when you’re effort is geared towards copying other people- it just doesn’t work.

My favorite point in the show is when Luz says: “Social media is not about making all of your followers happy, it’s about you finding the people who are interested in + who you are and in what you do + have those needs [that you serve]”

Luz’s Guided Exercise: “What to post on social media by being you”

(and naturally attract the right people)

First: Divide your paper into 3 columns : Me | Them | Us

In the ME Column:write down 20 things (no censoring)- What do you talk to your girlfriends about? What do you talk to your buddies about? What are personal things about you?Goal- get all of the things that are important to you (whether you feel like they are related on not) jot them down.

In the THEM Column:Write down 20 things- what else is going on in their life other than what you do. Focus on what else is going on in their life other than what you do.

Not just the needs that you can meet- what else is going on in their life? What’s important to them?Anything that you feel like they may be going through or may be interested inRemember: Stream of Consciousness- No second guessing!

In the US Column: Jot down what problems you exclusively solve, what makes you different? What is it that you do in your space that would attract people in the ‘them’ column?What can you solve for them? What do you bring to the table?

The Final Step: Pick between 3-5 from each section.

  1. What are you trying to sell right now? What is most important? Post about things from your list that are relative.
  2. Look at what you’re not comfortable with and cross it out.
  3. Cross off what doesn’t fit right now.

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