#036 This One Tweak Could Change the Future of Your Biz


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Start-Up Speakeasy Episode #36http://kristyoustalet.com/36

I've been talking, brainstorming and strategizing with a lot of the Speakeasy audience lately, especially with the launch of my three month mentorship program. After a bunch of one-on-one conversations with idea-driven and aspiring entrepreneurs, I was shocked at one thing that didn't come up in a single conversation.

In fact, it's something I never thought about in the very early stages of my business and once it hit me- it changed my approach to my business and career forever.

We'll get to what that one tweak is in a minute, but first, let's dive into the three main ways that entrepreneurs jumpstart business ideas:

1. They stumbled across a problem that they had trouble solving. Once they got passed it, they realized that they can help others also overcome this situation.

2. They take a talent or special skill they have and turn it into a business. For instance, as a freelancer or service provider such as a graphic designer.

3. They see a unique opportunity or a whole in the market and decide to fill in the niche.Ex: "Wouldn't it be nice if a bowling alley didn't have to be stinky, dirty and dingy? That each lane has a personal attendant and we serve high-end cocktails..."

These three approaches are absolutely common and a completely legit reasons to start a business… but I'd like to add one tweak.

This one tweak could dramatically shift your business mindset…

4. (Bonus!) You start with one of the previous 3 and once you're in the thick of it- you realize that what you really want is something meaningful.

Something that is truly satisfying, that fits into your ideal lifestyle design. A business that focuses all your projects on serving others in a way that truly touches you.

I'm calling it the "Speakeasy Way". Here's how I see it: I have [what feels like] a trillion biz ideas floating around my head at any given moment. Some are practical. Some are crazy. Some are bigger than I can handle right now. Most are ideas that if I truly devoted enough time + energy into I could make it a decent business idea.

How do I filter what to act on and when to pass? I ask myself if it's in-line with what I have going on now + Do I truly care about this idea?

My theory: It takes a ton of ambition and what seems like endless consistent action over time to build a successful business. Truly caring about what you do and the people you serve is the only thing that stands up to really hard times. When you're crazy busy, somehow broke, seriously burnt out + overwhelmed it's the one thing that keeps you plugging away.

Where you stand on this concept of creating a meaningful business? Is this something you’ve ever thought of? Is this something you’ve ever struggled with?

** I want to hear from you! Let me know in the comments what you think about creating a meaningful business. Head on over to http://kristyoustalet.com/36

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