#038 What Most Small Biz Owners Don't Do That Can Double Their Business


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The Start-Up Speakeasy Episode #038Show notes: http://kristyoustalet.com/38Guest: Kendrick Shope

Kendrick Shope has blended years of selling experience in a corporate environment with modern marketing to create an online course named Authentic Selling. Today, she shares some amazing advice on how we can sell our offerings and ourselves without being pushy or sleazy.

Online Biz Myth: as long as you have an online offer, people will buy it.

Kendrick believes that in order to sell your offer to ideal clients, its important to focus on three things:

1. Tell people why you’re here2. Let the know why they should trust you3. They’re time is super valuable + why they should part with it for you (even for a freebie offer)

#1 reason why people don’t buy is: lack of ENGAGEMENT

The best way to overcome the engagement barrier is to have individual conversations with your (potential) audience and talk to as many people for free as you can. This not only helps you understand your clients better than anything else, but naturally circles back to engaging your customers.

At first, it can be intimating to reach out to potential clients, but the rewards quickly become obvious.Here’s what happens:

- You become even more confident in your ability to serve your clients. An ‘I can do this!’ attitude shines through.- The human connection factor kicks in, and a personal touch is an important part of the online sales process.- It opens up an opportunity to follow-up, which is where 50% of all sales are closed

… Which brings us to an incredible sales lesson here- Quick, where’s my highlighter?Let’s think about this for a sec, if 50% of sales happen during the follow-up process, how would following up change your business?

What would 2x the amount of sales bring to you and your business?

Apparently, less than 10% of people follow up with their clients more than two times. If you’re one of the ones in that small pool of service providers taking the time to following up, you’re in a whole other league than your competition.

Chew on that.

Do you see where this is going? Following-up = more money.

I’m convinced, are you?

Now, take action! Kendrick’s Follow-Up Tips:

  • Create a simple Excel spreadsheet labeled with four rows: (Name | Date | Last Communication | Notes)
  • Color code your leads according to how likely they are to purchase an offer (for example: a hot lead = blue and a warm lead = purple).
  • Keep track of when you follow up and continue to check in and engage with your (potential) clients.

Having this list of interested people gives you a set of possible clients that you can always fall back on and check back in with when you need a couple of new clients or add a new offer.

It also gives you a way to establish a relationship + trust with for long term success.

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