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Have you ever heard of "languishing"? As we reach the end of Stress Awareness Month, in this week's episode, Coach Colette discusses a recent NY Times article by organizational psychologist, Adam Grant. In the article, Grant introduces the term, "languishing", as a possible description of how you might be feeling lately. The idea of languishing— a void between depression and flourishing, or a lack of total wellbeing— has resonated with many, including Coach Colette. She uses this episode to provide some advice for re-centering and gaining a little motivation. It could be physical activities or more mentally-stimulating activities— anything to get your body or mind moving and your soul more grounded. What's your go-to activity to ground yourself when you find yourself languishing?

Coach Colette gets real with you in this week's Unplugged segment— she acknowledges the way languishing has impacted her professionally, mentally, and emotionally. She's been feeling disconnected from her regular self-care habits and is seeking out new ways to get into that flow state. As May is Mental Health Awareness Month, Coach Colette will be introducing a plethora of ideas in the coming weeks to revitalize your own self-care habits. And, if you're in a place where the weather is warming up, why not take some of those practices outside? What self-care practices no longer serve you? How can you reflect on those habits and adjust them to feel your best?

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