Avantis: Creating the Eduverse for k-12 Students


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Avantis has just launched "The Eduverse" – a ground-breaking new online platform that gives students access to a K-12 metaverse. In the Eduverse, students can access immersive, educational content and amazing VR experiences. They can interact with each other as avatars, all in a secure and controlled environment, inside and outside of the classroom. In this episode, Chris Klein- head of education North America discusses how this web-based tool, which can be accessed on any device, including laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, phones, and VR headsets, including Avantis’ ClassVR headsets, and Google Expeditions kits. Teachers can also use interactive whiteboards or interactive flat-panel displays to allow an entire class to experience the same content without requiring 1:1 devices or VR headsets. Eduverse is free to teachers, they can simply log-in using their existing single sign-on accounts (e.g. Microsoft & Google) and can immediately access a range of virtual reality content including Eduverse Expeditions, which teachers can use to take students on virtual field trips and collaborate with them in real time as avatars. Also available in Eduverse is Avantis World, the world’s first educational VR theme park, with hundreds of explorable curriculum virtual experiences. For more information about Eduverse, visit http://www.eduverse.com.

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