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Entrepreneur Tools Episode 3

This is a new series, within’s YouTube Blog. We meet a lot of people and of course, we talk with some of them about the typical entrepreneur problems. Sometimes an entrepreneur solves known problems in a very systematic way, which we find great, or has great insights. In both cases, we will talk to him or her and bring you these recordings as entrepreneur tools. We are looking forward to your feedback.

This time we talk to Simon Stengelmeier (, also known as The Data Warrior ( This time we are talking about service design and marketing. Tune in to learn more.

Jobs to be Done (including Affiliate Links)

Put Value First

Know Your Target Audience / Create a Customer Avatar

Craft Your Message

Your Signature Solution

3 Steps to Success: How To Structure & Sell Your Services

  • Maximize (Customer Avatar, Message, Solution)
  • Monetize (Leads, Trust, Conversion)
  • Multiply (Paid, Organic, SEO)

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