Europe’s most attractive Startup Hubs? Berlin Beats London


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When we started 5 years ago, London and Berlin were unreachable, getting 60% of the votes. Now they are between 30% and 40%.
Thomas Köster, President Startup Heatmap Europe

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Vienna has the highest share of female entrepreneurs in Europe with 34% of the hubs we are tracking. On average only 15,5% of startups in Europe are founded or co-founded by women.
Thomas Köster, President Startup Heatmap Europe

The President/Co-Founder

In this interview, we talk to Thomas Köster ( , President and Co-Founder of the Startup Heatmap Europe (

Their Annual Survey is out for the 5th time and we take the opportunity to talk to one of the

authors about their findings. You can learn more here: Direct Link:

In our Heatmap Survey, we only publish the top 50, but we are tracking more than 200 cities in Europe.
Thomas Köster, President Startup Heatmap Europe

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27% of startup founders [in Europe] are starting their company in a country, they did not grow up in. … in the top hubs like Berlin and London you have a share of more than 65%
Thomas Köster, President Startup Heatmap Europe

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People from outside of Germany have voted for Frankfurt: I can imagine starting my company here.
Thomas Köster, President Startup Heatmap Europe

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