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2nd UploadHey guys, we are very sorry, but we had some issues with our editing software. The first upload contained a problem and so we had the upload it a 2nd time. Really sorry! Entrepreneur Tools Episode 2This is a new series, within’s YouTube Blog. We meet a lot of people and of course, we talk with some of them about the typical entrepreneur problems. Sometimes an entrepreneur solves known problems in a very systematic way, which we find great, or has great insights. In both cases, we will talk to him or her and bring you these recordings as entrepreneur tools. We are looking forward to your feedback. Think in principles, it helps you with a lot of decisions. Peter Hart, Serial Entrepreneur The EntrepreneurYou may remember Peter ( from our interview about his latest startup call Pythia (yes, his video interview drops a few links as well 😊). He is a successful serial entrepreneur for more than 8 years now having to build retail brands like Dr. Severin and now an AI startup called Pythia. He likes to think very structured and shares some of the essentials from his journey to running several successful ventures. If you ever want to do something, you can go through your CRM and look through your contacts … if you wrote down what you talked about last time the outreach will not really be a cold call. Peter Hart, Serial Entrepreneur Basic infrastructure tools (1 & 2)Get a Drive (Dropbox, Google Drive). Joe recommends you encrypt it with a tool like BoxcryptorCRM Tool to manage your contactsPipedrive (AL) Everyone should build up their own principles that fit the company you want to build or the job you want to do Peter Hart, Serial Entrepreneur 3. Evolving: Building up PrinciplesThe idea is based on Ray Dalio's book (AL) Develop your own principles, write them down and let them evolve. It also helps to explain the principles to other people. It is a learning process to shape your decision making HiringRiskStrategyWork/Live BalanceThinking in principles helps you make decisions. I highly recommend thinking about … what kind of a founder am I … and thus and what do I need to think about when I hire people. Not everyone can lead every person. Peter Hart, Serial Entrepreneur 4. Building up a company cultureWhat you do is who you are Benz Horrowitz (AL) The idea is the whole company is following one broader path e.g., Facebook “move fast and break things”, which was later revised. Culture includes traditions e.g., coaching morning at Peters companie(s). It is a day they invest in their people. Here is an example of an interview with the founders of Airbnb, when they talk about culture. Further Reading (AL)The airbnb story (AL) (AL) Feedback Reach out to us, here is our audience survey, to give us feedback, suggest topics, interview partners or just to say “Hallo!” The InterviewerThis interview was conducted by Jörn “Joe” Menninger, startup scout, founder, and host of Reach out to him: LinkedIn Twitter Email Follow us on Social MediaInstagram LinkedIn Twitter Keep Up to DateHere is our publication calendar: Folge direkt herunterladen --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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