How to Headhunt Tech Talent


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How to Headhunt Tech TalentIf you are coming to Germany, if you do not have any prior knowledge about Frankfurt, you may end up somewhere else. Time Heathcote, Tech Headhunter Subscribe HereFind all options to subscribe to our newsletter, podcast, YouTube channel or listen to our internet radio station here: Link 80% of startups fail due to problems in the team. Tim Heathcote, Tech Headhunter The FounderTim is a British expatriate ( living in Frankfurt am Main. He originally came to build up a team for a former employer, planning to move further to Berlin. He is now happy with a family in Frankfurt and does not to move anymore. He is now making a living as a headhunter in the tech space, frequently working for startup companies. Affiliate LinksLearn how to grow your business using the numbers in your profit and loss and balance sheet: use our promo code: AccessThe CompanyTim has vast experience working as a recruiter, building up tech teams for example at the time of publication with the startup SumUp. The name of his company Rebel Soul Recruitment ( was inspired by a book called Soulbbatical: A Corporate Rebel's Guide to Finding Your Best Life (AL He is looking for rebels in the sense that they are aiming to do things differently with the goal to do things better. Go to see a game of Eintrach Frankfurt, the flair is totally worth the experience. It is totally different from my experience in the UK. Tim Heathcote, Tech Headhunter Affiliate LinksIs your startup in need of a bank account in Germany? Try our partner affiliate Penta to open a bank account to shift between crypto and fiat? Try our partner Bitwala with this affiliate link here Readings / Additional ResourcesWarmduscher Weichei Schattenparker The Stadion in Frankfurt: Frankfurt’s botanical garden: Frankfurts Football Club Eintracht Frankfurt: FeedbackReach out to us, here is our audience survey, to give us feedback, suggest topics, interview partners or just to say “Hallo!” The InterviewerThis interview was conducted by Jörn “Joe” Menninger, startup scout, founder, and host of Reach out to him: LinkedIn Twitter Email Follow usInstagram LinkedIn Twitter Newsletter: Keep Up to DateHere is our publication calendar: Folge direkt herunterladen --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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