Spacific Allows You to Measure Objects with AR Glasses


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The Founder

We talk to the Hamburg-based founder Dennis Ahrens, the CEO and Founder of Spacific ( Spacific offers a software for augmented reality glasses to measure objects within rooms ( Dennis has been involved in several companies, before starting his startup, one stop including staying for almost 13 years.

Dennis discovered his fascination for augmented reality while working in a project where AR devices have been used to measure stairs to build in stair lifts (

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The Startup

Dennis founded his startup Spacific ( with customer service engineers in mind, who work for B2B companies.

The startup works on possibilities to measure objects inside a room. This would enable service engineers to put on their AR glasses and measure objects (e.g. lifts, forklifts, …).

Spacific is working on a self-service portal, for their business customers. There the Spacific clients can tailor their specific needs and processes with a work-flow-configurator, making their customer service better and fast than their competitors’.

Venture Capital Funding

Currently Spacific is funded by the savings of Dennis and funding from the City of Hamburg. They would be open to talking to external investors.

Further Readings / Additional Resources

Joe refers during the interview to this book: The world is flat (book) (AL):

If you are curious, here is a Hololens (as Affiliated Link AL) on Amazon:

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