023 - Interview with Ben Zoldan: Coping with difficult times, Storytelling and human-oriented connections


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Ben Zoldan is the founder and maker behind Storyleaders. A company that transforms organizations by the power of storytelling. Ben has helped organizations such as Salesforce, Tableau, Lightpath, Oracle and others to be leading organizations through storytelling in sales and is widely renowned through his expertise. He also is the co-author of one of the leading sales-books “What Great Salespeople Do”.

This week we sat down with Ben Zoldan to discuss a variety of topics including the serendipitous moments we have handed to us today and accepting them as opportunities and how to cope with the uncertainty of difficult times. Then we dive into sales through storytelling and nurturing emotional connections to have an overall better experience in business and in life. Ben takes us through his experience in developing loyalty to humanity, and realizing that through honoring systems that keep us human, we can avoid systems that take the human out of us, and still achieve the results and outcomes we desire.

Ben’s book: What Great Salespeople Do


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